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"Positive Reaffirmation"

Each day of our lives, it’s important that we are reminded of all the good and wonderful things that we have to be thankful for.

Think of all the people in your life that love you, think of positive things such as your health, your abilities, and your successes. Find all the good aspects of your marriage and your family.

Through the thick and thin of your daily life, through the hustle and bustle of deadlines and commitments and all the negativity that exists in the world, it’s necessary that we take the time to see the good in all there is in your life and the world that surrounds you daily.

Take a moment each day to reaffirm all those positive things about your life that you came up with. Remind yourself daily, that you’re the reason for all the good that is in you and around you and know that you’re capable even more than what already exists.

~J. Charest

"Be In Control"

We are all part of a universe that is constantly flowing toward change. Our universe takes on a natural flow and with that flow comes constant and continued change.

As part of the natural rhythm of the universe we find ourselves flowing in the same natural direction. By following this flow and not resisting it we can create less tension and stress in our lives.

Just like the universe…we live with a constant need and desire for change. It’s a natural progression of life…as the universe around changes so do our own lives. So it’s natural to feel the need for change and self improvement.

If we can recognize the inevitability of change…Then the question becomes…Will we let change shape us or will we shape the change in the direction that we would like to go.

Change is coming as it always has…be prepared for it…use it to guide your life and your family in a positive direction.

~J. Charest

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"Eyes Wide Open"

Each new day brings the possibility of getting closer to your goals.

Each new day brings new hope to your dreams.

Each new day brings you more love from your family.

Each new day brings opportunities to strengthen the love for your family.

Each new day brings opportunities to strengthen the bond with your children.

Each new day brings renewed strength to make positive changes in your life, your family’s life and the lives of the people close to you.

Each new day brings opportunities to strengthen your faith, beliefs and values.

But each new day must be faced with the strength to keep your hopes unbroken and…


~J. Charest

"Be A Beacon Of Positive Energy"

As people we are intertwined in so many different ways and at different levels. As we go through life we carry with us an energy that is not only felt by us but also by the people around us.

This energy can be a force that can have a negative or positive affect depending on how we use it. This energy is always present and can be positive, negative or neutral.

In a family this energy can become much more apparent and we can sometimes find ourselves transmitting this energy in ways we are not completely aware of and sometimes with negative consequences.

This energy is much more powerful than we are aware and with it we can affect the life of the people around us. The nature of our physical and mental well being will have a direct impact on the type of energy we transmit from our bodies.

Without a word we can make changes and affect how people will react to us.

The important thing is to understand the presence of this body of energy that you have within you and the power it has over you and the people around you. By learning to harness this power you can make positive changes in your life and help to cause positive change in others.

Don't let this energy be a cause of disruption to your family, but make it a positive tool for change and be a leader of that change. Start today and begin to bring your family closer and stronger than ever before. Society needs more strong families today than any other time in history.

~J. Charest

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"Redirect Your Energy"

Each new day seems to come quicker than the last. Each new day seems to bring new and sometimes difficult challenges. The demands of daily life seem to never take a break while you balance yourself, your faith, your family and your career.

When you awake each morning your first thoughts can seem to be easily pulled in the direction of your worries and the challenges that lie ahead. This can lead to additional unnecessary stress that can have a negative impact on your body and your family.

When you find this to occur all too often…STOP…and as you awake, re-engage your thoughts to the things that are most important to you in your life. As you lay there in bed in a quite moment…mentally focus on those important things.

Reaffirm them to yourself by reciting them aloud while visualizing them in your mind at the same time. This little exercise will help you to redirect your internal energy away from the useless efforts of worrying and direct them toward the things that will help you to achieve happiness in your life.

The more energy you direct toward the things that can bring you happiness the better the chance that your life will move in a positive direction and this can only be a good thing for you and your family.

~J. Charest

"Never Stop Believing"

Never stop believing in the power of your own mind.

Never stop believing in the existence of a world of positive richness that exists around you.

Never stop believing in your ability to achieve wisdom and understanding of the world around you.

Never stop believing in the change that you wish to achieve.

Never stop believing in the power of your faith and the importance it has in your life.

Never stop believing in your family.

Never stop believing in yourself.

~J. Charest

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