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This is a complete collection of my life quotes along with my favorite quotes on life from other authors.

These inspirational quotes will help remove the negativity from your life and help you focus on the positive aspects that exist around you to live a more positively inspired life.

Keep it real, live the truth, strengthen your faith, bannish the negativity and you're sure to find peace and happiness and so much more.

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"Live Right Now"

We ponder the past and wish we had a second chance to make changes to the decisions we made. We dream about the future and the possibilities that it holds.

Inspiring quote about life.

We can’t bring ourselves back to the past any more than we can guide ourselves immediately into the future. As these thoughts preoccupy us we become oblivious to the present moment. Completely unaware of the power that we have within us to make changes to our past and future right now.

No one has ever lived in the past or the future and no one ever will. Right now this very moment you’re living your past and your future and you have but a moment to take control. Because soon this moment will end and a new moment will begin.

Open your eyes, open your ears, open your mind and open your heart to what is your now. Now is your life being lived at this very moment. This is what you have in your control right now.

The noise of the past must be silenced in order for you to pay full attention to what is your life right now. Be open, be aware and be positive to your past and future that are unfolding in front of your eyes right now.

Step away from all the noise in your mind that is preventing you from focusing on this very moment and as you travel along your daily path, raise and maintain your level of awareness of your life that is unfolding before your very eyes.

Embrace each moment as it occurs and live each moment as fully and positively as you know how. Start living for right now!

~J. Charest

"Live Positively Inspired"

As important to our bodies as the air we breathe and the water we drink, so is inspiration to our daily lives. We are all here for our families and for one another. At some point in our lives we all accomplish some great task that lends itself as inspiration for positive change for someone else.

It’s the fuel that powers our engines for positive change. It drives us to make changes in our own lives or guides us to help others to make positive changes in their lives.

Without it we are left to be guided by the negative chatter that exists in our minds every day and the external world around us.

Find your fuel and make it an important daily ritual. Find the things that help inspire you the most and make it a part of your daily life, as important as the water bottle you carry with you throughout the day.

Even on those days when you feel like there isn’t enough inspiration in your life to make a difference, these are the very days when you need it the most.

Promise yourself today that you’ll live positively inspired.

~J. Charest

I sincerely hope that these positive life quotes will move you to make positive decisions toward self improvement, becoming better parents and making better life work balance decisions. It takes dedication, inspiration and hard work to live a life filled with positive values but the rewards are endless.

Ideas to help inspire you using life quotes.

I hope that you found many of these quotes about life to be an inspiration in your family life and goals for self improvement. Remember that a daily dose of life quotes is inspiration that is required to make positive life changes for you and your family.

Read my best inspirational quotes for ideas and inspiration on positive self improvement.

So come back often to read these life quotes and reinforce the inspiration. If your looking for more to inspire you than my inspirational quotes, take advantage of these other inspirational and positive resources.

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