Restoring Our Family Values

"If We don't use our values, we will lose our values"

When it comes down to the core of our very existence; faith, family and the family values that we adhere to are the only things that will truely matter in our lives.

When you're the product of a strong family, that and your faith are the only things that you can count on to hold you up in your darkest moments.

For this reason, we must all be family advocates and work to always protect and strengthen our families.

Besides our faith, it's the one place we should always be able to find acceptance regardless of our faults and happiness regardless of our failures.

Before we can understand our family values, we must first understand and know what our individual values are. We can't restore and strengthen our family values until we restore and strengthen our individual values.

We can't offer to teach someone something that we don't currently possess ourselves.

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Building Positive Family Values

The ideas that you adhere to are the values that will form the emotional and physical foundation of how you live your family life, raise your children and prepare them for adulthood.

Focus on Family - Is it something that you consciously make an effort to focus on or just something that you repeat to yourself to convince yourself that you're trying to focus on your family?

It can be difficult when you're battling the demands of everyday life and your career.

Family Time Management - Is your work life balance structured so that you're able to make quality time for your family? Too much of anything is not a good thing.

What activities are important you and your family together?

Positive Parenting - Are you doing those things that allow you to build a positive parenting environment in your home? Are you maintaining a strong and positive frame of mind when interacting with your children?

Are you taking responsibility for their education and showing them its importance? Fill your life with positive inspiration and you will be a positive inspiration for your children.

Work Life Balance - What role does your career play in your family? Is there a comfortable balance between family, life and career that allows you to still focus on family and be successful in your career?

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Typically most people don’t often think of their values in very specific terms. We generally go about our busy lives trying to steer ourselves in the direction of the things and people we want to be close to and steer ourselves away from things that we don’t want to be a part of…This generally makes up our value system.

The problem lies in the fact that our actions don’t always lead us in the right direction. The reason for this is not that we don’t have values, but we’ve become disconnected from the core values that are important to us.

When you have a few quiet moments >>>TRY THIS EXERCISE<<< and write down on a piece of paper your list of values. Write down as many of the things that are most important to you as you can.

Once you have your list of things that are of most value to you begin to think of all your actions throughout your day and count the number of actions that were directly related to affirming, restoring or strengthening any part of your value system.

Remember, your value system is your code that you live by on a daily basis.

Are your daily actions aligned with your values?

Are you steering yourself daily in the direction of your value system?

If nothing more, I hope this exercise helps you to identify any gaps between your values and your actions.

You may want to keep your list of values handy as a reminder. After all, we are human and we could always use more reminders of the things that are most important to us.

I've always found visual reminders that I can often refer to and read very helpful. Imagine how much your actions could change if you could constantly remind yourself of the things you value the most.

Let our daily inspirational quotes guide you to stronger family values.

It’s at this point when we can firmly get our arms around our own values that we can begin to build and strengthen the values of our own family.

Because it’s only from strong positive family values that your children will be able to create strong individual values.

Here are some inspirational family quotes that may inspire you.

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