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"Family Is Best"

We all face challenges in our daily lives. These difficult economic times have an affect on all of us in one way or another and they can become very humbling.

It’s in times like these when the path gets rough that it becomes best to turn to our faith and our family. These are the times that diminish our wills and send us searching for purpose. It’s in these times that we should be reminded that the very core of our existence lies within our faith and our families.

These are the times when you should reflect on the gift that surrounds you, the gift that you should value like no other…your faith and family.

You will lose and gain many things in life, but the one thing you should hold onto and make right with all your might is your faith and family.

Your family is the very foundation of your existence and the only real source of true happiness and purpose. Take today to reflect upon the value you have for your family and the strength of your faith. Summon all the power you can to make things right with your family. Strengthen those family relationships and be a role model for others to follow.

You have the power to make whatever life you which for yourself and your family.

Don’t be controlled by your circumstances. Control your circumstances for your benefit and the benefit of your family.

No matter the situation, be the beacon of light that shines upon your family. Your family is counting on you!

~J. Charest

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