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"Family Squabbles"

Let's face it, we all have them and for some probably more than they would like. Whether it's with immediate family or someone close it's bound to have a negative affect on the way you'll live your life for that day.

These types of situations cause us to become angry and anger is truly a beast of burden. Anger survives by creating and feeding off of more anger and within your heart this is truly not the direction you want to go.

This is the time to push your ego aside and let your heart do the driving.

Next time you're in this type of situation...Stop and remind yourself of the real love that has brought you together and the importance of family and your relationship and how it goes well beyond, what in most cases is an insignificant matter that has brought you to this point.

Be the first person to let it go, stop holding the grudge and you'll find that you'll spend more time happy than angry. Happy is a much better recipe for living a positive, peaceful and successful life.

Always understand that nothing should come between you and your relationship with your family and your faith.

~John Charest

"Your First Day"

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