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"Make It A Good Day"

Every so often life catches you by surprise and hits you straight on with a bad day. Then you ask…”Why me?” What did you do to deserve a bad day? It’s just something that you didn’t plan for and you don’t care to deal with.

Always remember a bad day is a bad day because it stands out among the others, which means the other days are good days. It’s always necessary in our lives to have days that teach us to reflect and define who we are.

You can choose to let the reasons for your bad day define who you are and your next actions or you can choose to look inward and let who you are and who you want to be define how you’re going to react to your bad day.

Don’t be reactive but be proactive and reflect on your values and principles and let them be your guide to making this bad day a good day.

This may even serve to help you strengthen your values and principles by examining how they can shape your day in a positive way.

Then share those values and principles with your family and people close to you.

Then remember that every bad day is just a good day in disguise.

~J. Charest

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