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"Good Vibrations"

We walk through life constantly shaping and influencing the actions and thoughts of people around us. We have such a powerful influence over our surroundings, often more than we could ever imagine.

Through our actions, expressions, words and the positive or negative energy that we are constantly transmitting, we are shaping the things around us.

Often times, no one feels the affect of our influence more than our families and the people that are close to us.

The message that we send will often set the tone of the relationship and the events to come for the day or beyond.

We are sometimes so captivated by our own thoughts, worries, and problems that we don’t see the message that we are sending to the people around us each and every day.

Be aware of the power of your message that you send about yourself each day to the people around you. Be more aware of your words, actions, body language and the energy you transmit. It has a tremendous influence on those around you.

Let your renewed awareness be your guide to more positive verbal and physical communication with your family and watch it turn into happiness for others.

Be the messenger of positive and good vibrations…Your family is counting on you.

~J. Charest

"The Power Is Within"

We live through our daily lives unfortunately not without difficulties, challenges or problems. Often times these difficulties make it hard to find the right answers. This will cause us to struggle in trying to reach out to others to find the answers we seek.

As we seek answers through our faith and other outside resources we often fail to look at one of the most valuable resources we have available to us and that is our own life.

No matter where we are in life, we all have the rich resources of our own life experiences…The experiences that have taught us valuable lessons about ourselves and our families.

By looking into our lives we can often find the answers to many of our current difficulties.

So listen to your heart and that little voice, trust in that gut feeling and reflect on those life experiences that are you, and you just may find the answers that you and your family are looking for.

~J. Charest

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