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Every spoken word is considered a quote...

Let's face it...not every quote is positive or inspirational.

This collection was created not for the sake of a quote...

...but for the sake of positive daily inspiration. Please enjoy...

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Don't treat positive inspiration like a one night stand. Get inspired and keep yourself inspired daily.

After all, how much weight could you expect to loose if you were only on a diet one or two days per month? Hitting your goal would be almost impossible.

Positive inspiration is something that you should embrace everyday and can be as simple as reading short inspirational quotes every morning or any other part of the day.



"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."
~Zig Ziglar

Abraham Lincoln Knew!

One of our greatest presidents of all time would start each and everyday by reading a passage in the bible. He truly understood the power of positive inspiration.

He believed that by reading bible stories and inspirational bible quotes, that it would start a thought process for the day in a way that would positively impact the important decisions that he was to make for that day.

Inspirational words of wisdom by Mandela.

Change a Thought…Change Your World

The process is as simple as it sounds! You first alter your thoughts in a way that you want your actions to follow.

With your thoughts…

"You can choose to make today another day of your past, Or you can choose to make it the first day of your new future."

Every Day is the Best Way!

Inspirational QuotesIs fifteen minutes every morning worth a lifetime of peace and happiness?

After the kids have gone to school, during your morning coffee, the train ride to work or a few minutes in the car before entering work; read short inspirational quotes or any short quotes or stories that motivate you.

Having faced much adversity in my own life, beginning with the loss of both of my parents as a child, I understood early in my life the importance of keeping a daily positive influence in my life.

Much of that influence came from reading inspirational quotes and inspiring stories of people who faced challenges in their own lives.

“Inspiration exists, but it must find you working.”
~Pablo Picasso

You can’t put a price on the time you spend to keep yourself inspired to keep you moving in the right direction everyday.


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